Artriplex compositum

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Joints are very important for movement. It is easy to live when joints are flexible and you can freely make any moves. When the pain starts, movement becomes limited and the patient quickly starts suffering from fatigue. With age, joints mobility is declining, muscles become weaker, this way tendons, ligaments and muscles lose elasticity. Joints pain is also a common problem for those who are engaged in intense physical exercise or physical labour, because the joints experience a lot of stress. All these problems are caused by the lack of glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM levels in the body. Without the proper amount of MSM in the body, it cannot produce sufficient quantity of healthy cells to overcome the effects of unhealthy cells, resulting in various ailments and pain.

A combination of food supplement’s active ingredients is formulated to maintain normal joints function and flexibility. It contains glucosamine which is present in all human tissues, mainly cartilages. Over the years, the body produces less of this substance, therefore, it is important to maintain its adequate levels and thus prevent degenerative joints changes. Chondroitin is a major component of cartilage and tendons, ensuring the flexibility of joints. MSM is a natural substance which participates in many biochemical reactions and in the synthesis of new and healthy cells. The action of glucosamine and MSM is anti-inflammatory.

Artriplex compositum contains only the most important ingredients necessary for the normal function of the joints with immediate effect.

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