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UAB "Aconitum"

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Product Information

  • Dosage Form:Capsule
  • Active Ingredients:Vinpocetine
  • Route of Administration:Oral
  • Shelf Life:2 years
  • Storage:Sealed
  • Place of Origin:Lithuania
  • Qualification:Chinese GMP


Cerebrovascular disorders are some of the most common causes of death and disability in the world, especially in industrialized countries. Stroke is the most common neurological cause of permanent incapacity, as well as the decisive factor in high mortality. Cerebrovascular disorders occur during the life of many people (especially in older age): due to brain artery atherosclerosis, thrombosis, cerebral hemorrhage or temporary cerebral circulatory disorders.

In the initial stages cerebral circulatory disorders can lead to mild symptoms: mild memory loss, confusion or random lack of concentration and attention, more difficult memorisation during learning, impaired performance at work, insomnia, unstable balance and gait.

The active substance vinpocetine improves brain blood flow, reduces the brain cell sensitivity to the lack of oxygen and protects them from the damage. It is essential that, acting on cerebral blood vessels, the active substance does not increase the total blood pressure. It also improves the metabolism in the brain. It has been observed that vinpocetine has a positive effect on cognitive function and improves memory. Various studies have shown that vinpocetine increases the tolerance of mental, physical and emotional load.

Complex effects of VINPOCETINE-aconitum:

  • selectively activates the cerebral blood flow and microcirculation,
  • improves cerebral metabolism and blood rheology,
  • acts as a neuroprotectant.

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