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UAB "Aconitum"

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Product Information

  • Dosage Form:Injection
  • Active Ingredients:Silymarin
  • Route of Administration:Oral
  • Shelf Life:2 years
  • Storage:Sealed
  • Place of Origin:Lithuania
  • Qualification:EU GMP


Liver is one of the most important human organs that performs more than 500 different functions. The most important of them is a detoxification, i.e. liver removes toxins, alcohol, harmful substances such as ammonia from the body. Patients with liver problems do not feel any disorders, so they cannot determine when they are damaged. Consumption of drugs, fatty foods, alcohol not only adds fat to liver, but also damage them.

Milk thistle is one of the oldest known herbal plants in medicine. It’s most important part is the biologically active substance – silymarin. Silymarin inhibits the effect of liver damaging (hepatotoxic) substances, promotes regeneration of damaged liver cells, acts as an antioxidant, i.e. increases the levels of the main liver antioxidant – glutathione in the liver.

Medicine is created for the treatment of:

  • toxic liver damage,
  • liver cirrhosis,
  • chronic hepatitis.

Livosil – herbal remedy that protects the liver, restores its cells after chemical drugs, fatty foods, alcohol and viral infections. Only 2 capsules per day!

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